•  "Thank you so much Fiona , you are brilliant at what you do , just the right balance of professionalism , integrity and wisdom . See you Monday for some more surgery without the anaesthetic....... Extracting the old thorns from the flesh .. Not at all painful in the hands of a good careful and respectful surgeon who knows what they are doing ....".
  • "I Have suffered depression for years and tried various forms of treatment. Since receiving EMDR I have have been able to identify that a past life event was related to my on going psychological distress".
  • "I can now recall that terrible day with emotional and physical distance".
  • "I do not need to take tablets anymore for my public speaking anxiety".
  • "I can now understand my over reaction to an occupational incident was related to a similar incident in my past which was triggered at work".
  • "I no longer experience panic attacks".
  • "I feel released from past trauma".
  • "I can drive again".

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